Gifted Child Clinic

89 French Street
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Phone: (732) 235-7700

Director: Michael Lewis, PhD
Program Coordinator: Stacey Napoli

Program Description

The Gifted Child Clinic serves as a referral agency for children who are thought to be gifted or talented. Children between three and twelve years of age are referred by parents, pediatricians and educators. A battery of tests is used to evaluate the children for signs of giftedness. Among these are standardized measures of cognitive ability and school achievement, and behavioral observations. Areas that are evaluated include: language production and comprehension, reasoning, memory, spatial aptitude, social and emotional maturity, fine motor maturation, reading or prereading, mathematics or premathematics, and overall intelligence.

A feedback session is included in which the results of the evaluation are explained and parents have the opportunity to discuss any concerns and questions they might have regarding their children's development and education.

Special Service

Comprehensive testing, evaluation and recommendations


Michael Lewis PhD

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