Pathology Consultation Service

Medical Education Building
1 Robert Wood Johnson Place
New Brunswick, NJ 08903

Program Description

Histopathologic consultations are available from members of the Department. These services are provided to pathologists and surgeons for the purpose of resolving diagnostic dilemmas or establishing a histopathologic diagnosis.

Special Services

Courier service available: (732) 235-8768

Fax reporting available: (732) 235-8770

Participating RWJUMG Physicians

Asima Arslan MD

Renee L. Artymyshyn MD

Nicola J. Barnard MD

Sharathkumar M Bhagavathi MD

Jisun Cha MD

Marina A. Chekmareva MD

Malik F. Deen MD

Ludmila M. Engelbach MD

Billie S. Fyfe-Kirschner MD

Lauri A. Goodell MD

Parisa Javidian MD

Michael May MD

Gratian Salaru MD

Grace C Tenorio MD

David J. Weissmann MD

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