Osteoporosis Center

Clinical Academic Building
125 Paterson Street
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
For Appointments: (732) 235-7219
Bone Densitometry: (732) 235-7219

Program Description

The Osteoporosis Center provides evaluation of the risk, prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.

The center's strong multidisciplinary approach is achieved through a team consisting of nationally renowned medical experts on metabolic bone disorders, endocrinologists, nurse coordinators, radiologists proficient in dual energy x-ray absorptiometry who can measure bone density with great precision, nutritionists who can give appropriate dietary counseling, a research laboratory team, physical therapist and social worker.

Special Service

Bone densitometry


Sunil J. Wimalawansa MD, PhD

Participating RWJUMG Physicians

Anupam Ohri

Arthur C. Santora MD, PhD

Brian G Smolarz

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