Breast Oncology

The Stacy Goldstein Breast Cancer Center at The Cancer Institute of New Jersey

195 Little Albany Street
New Brunswick, NJ 08903
(732) 235-2465

Program Description

The Stacy Goldstein Breast Cancer Center provides comprehensive care for people with breast cancer. Mammography using state-of-the-art digital equipment as well as breast ultrasound and MRI is provided at the Women's Imaging Center at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, the flagship hopsital of The Cancer Institute of New Jersey.

The Cancer Institute's compassionate breast cancer team includes nurse practitioners, medical oncologists, surgical oncologists, radiation oncologists, breast radiologists, plastic and reconstructive surgeons, pathologists, social workers, and clinical psychologists. When appropriate, patients are evaluated for participation in national cancer clinical trials as well as for cancer clinical trials available only at The Cancer Institute. New patients should plan to bring mammograms and other breast images with their reports along with pathology slides from any biopsies to their initial visit.

Advances in cancer treatment have led to many more people surviving cancer. People who are beyond the active treatment phase of their care may have lingering or late appearing effects from their disease or treatment. As a result, cancer survivors need specialized healthcare services that include proper monitoring and health maintenance activities. The Survivorship Program at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey, is a program that is designed to meet the special needs of cancer survivors by addressing their unique health issues. Oncology nurse practitioners and other healthcare team members provide care in this program. The program strives to assist in maintaining and promoting an individual's best possible level of health and improve their overall quality of life.

Patients with concerns about hereditary breast cancer or other high-risk breast conditions are evaluated in The LIFE Center. The LIFE Center is dedicated to teaching young women how to maintain breast health and reduce the factors that increase their risk of breast cancer. Genetic counseling and testing is available in the LIFE Center.

Participating RWJUMG Physicians

Elizabeth M. Berg MSN, APN

Nancy Chan MD

Firas G Eladoumikdachi MD

Rebecca H Fishman

Shridar Ganesan MD, PhD

Sharad Goyal MD

Bruce G Haffty MD

Kim M. Hirshfield MD, PhD

Thomas J. Kearney MD

Atif J Khan MD

Laurie J. Kirstein MD

Jacquelyn H. Lauria RN, MSN

Dorothy N Pierce APN-C, RN

Deborah L. Toppmeyer MD

Serena Wong MD

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