Department of Family Medicine

Division of Family Medicine at Monument Square

317 George Street
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Phone: (732) 235-8993
Fax: (732) 246-7317

Family Medicine at Monument Square provides a full range of services designed to achieve a high level of health and functioning for every member of your family.

Specialty Areas

Preventive Medicine including complete physical examinations, screenings and health counseling
Health Promotion including weight reduction, smoking cessation stress management, acupuncture and hypnosis
Diagnosis and Treatment of illness
Women's Healthcare including PAP smears, colposcopy, cervical
Newborn and Pediatric Care including immunizations
Adolescent and Adult Care
Geriatric Care dealing with special problems of the elderly
Home Care services for the elderly
Minor Surgery including cryosurgery and laceration repair
Alternative and Complementary Medicine Services including Acupuncture, Hypnotherapy, and Herbal Medicine
Patient Education including audio, video, literature and group education
Information and Referral on any services not available at Family Medicine at Monument Square

If hospitalization is required, your care will be provided by our Family Medicine team, as well as by your primary physician.


Cathryn B. Heath MD, FAAFP

Participating RWJUMG Physicians & Professionals

Rhina A. Acevedo MD

Komal G Bhatt MD

David F. Howarth MD, MPH

Marissa K Jimenez DO

Jeffrey P. Levine MD, MPH

Robert C. Like MD, MS

Karen W R Lin MD, MS

Barbara Jo McGarry MD

Beatrix Roemheld-Hamm MD, PhD

Hilda G Sciortino APN-C

David E. Swee MD

Alfred F. Tallia MD, MPH

Rory Ulloque MD

Department of Family Medicine and Community Health

Participating Physicians and Professionals


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